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The summer of 2003, I finished my undergraduate study in Fudan

Fudan After four years' study, I graduated with honors in Jul 2003 - "the summer of SARS". I got 3.9/4.0 GPA from my major courses, honor listed every year. The most proud thing I did in college is that I had four field trips in three years, two of which were recognized as the Year's Best in the city of Shanghai. I should emphasize that I designed and raised funding for three of them. Fudan University is a great place for young students. The open environment, competitive classmates and honorable teachers made all these things possible ! This link points to LifeSci.99 GCD, which I made with my classmates for the graduation celebration.fudan class

Undergraduate Field Trips

» Aug 2002, Investigation into the distribution of insects and vegetation along the area of the Three Gorges in Wanxian country
Background investigation of soil insects' distribution along the altitude was performed. A model describing the distribution of insects in the Three Gorges with plants as a factor of the living condition of insects was constructed. By analyzing the data, two conclusions were made : there is no difference of soil insects' distribution between north-bank and south-bank of the Yangtze River; along with the altitude's increasing the distribution of soil insect changes well-regulated.

» Jun 2002, Investigation of Tianmu Mountain's biological resources and ecological environment
Trained with basic skills in biology such as sampling, collecting insects, making specimens and ecological surveying. The expansion of Phyllostachys pubescens's underground rhizome was studied and a method "dig and pour" which can be used for inhibiting the expansion of rhizome based on the results of the observation in the West Tianmu Mountain was designed.

» Aug 2001, Investigation into the prevention and treatment of hog cholera in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Provinces
Hog choler, a acute highly infectious viral disease of swine, is also called swine fever. The virus may enter a herd through contaminated feed, water, equipment, or by contact with an infected animal or person. This work analyzed the information about the incidence of the disease in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and made sure that national hog cholera eradication program has been established in China to eliminate all possible sources of virus introduction. Some of the limitations in the process of immunity inoculation were found and improved method and advice were given.

» Jun 2000, Investigation into the exploitation of mushroom and the protection of fir in Baishanzu
Mr. Mingxiang Wu named Abies beshanzuensis M.H.Wu in 1976. For the ending of glacier and destroy from human activity, this kind of fir left only three in the whole world and became one of the world's 12 severest endangered plants. In this work, some discussion about the dangerous reason was placed and the possibility of graft protection was considered. As Qingyuan is called "the origin of mushroom", some investigations about the manufacturing, machining and selling were done. Based on the improved technology and culture accumulation, Qingyuan Mushroom is well known now.

Websites I Worked on When I Was in College

» GCD2003 for LifeSci.99
» TMS2002 for LifeSci.99


» Liang CAI, Changyun HU, Shuiyuan SHEN, Weirong WANG, Weida HUANG. Characterization of Bacteriophage T3 DNA Ligase. Journal of Biochemistry [J], 2004, 135: 397-403.
[PMID 15113838]

» Liang CAI, Ruilin ZHANG, Chunfu LI, Yu DING. A Method to Inhibit the Expansion of Phyllostachys pubescens Stands Based on the Analysis of Underground Rhizome. Journal Of Northeast Forestry University [J], 2003, 31(5): 68-70. (in Chinese)

» Pengcheng ZHU, Yubo SUN, Rener XU, Yingying SANG, Jing ZHAO, Gang LIU, Liang CAI, Changben LI, and Shouyuan ZHAO. The interaction between ADAM 22 and 14-3-3ζ: regulation of cell adhesion and spreading. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications [J], 2003, 18(6):991-999.
[PMID 12589811]

» Liang CAI. An Electrodynamics Model Based on the Data from Measuring CMC of C12H25SO4Na. University Chemistry [J], 2003, 18(1):54-56. (in Chinese)

» Liang CAI, Xiaochen TIAN, Ming LI, Weida HUANG. Application of RAPD in Discrimination of Podocarpus macrophyllus's Sex. Journal of Fudan University (Natural Science) [J], 2002, 41(6):635-640.

» Liang CAI, Pengcheng ZHU, Yingying SHANG, Rener XU, Shouyuan ZHAO. Structural and Biological Function of ADAM Family. Chemistry of Life [J], 2003, 23(5):344-346. (in Chinese)

» Liang CAI, Naishuo ZHU. CD1 System in Presenting of Lipid Antigens. Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology [J], 2002, 18(6):649-652. (in Chinese)

Honors Received in College

» Hewlett-Packard China Scholarship, 2003
» Chinese Academy of Science Scholarship, 2002
» Excellent Student in All Rounds, Fudan University, 2002
» Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements in Social Practice, Shanghai, 2002
» Excellent Student in All Rounds, Shanghai, 2001
» Excellent Student in Social Practice, Fudan University, 2000
» TANG Zhongying Scholarship, China, 2000
» Fudan University Excellent Scholarship, 2000-2002
» People's Scholarship, Fudan University, 1999-2001
» 3rd in Coca-Cola China Web-page Design Contest, Fudan University, 2000

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